Get Bit is a music company that's been around the block a few times — specializing in film & television soundtracks, trailers, documentaries, and commercials.  Having written the music for multiple projects across all genres, the company brings a ton of experience to the table and has built a reputation of delivering exceptional music every time.

Its rounded-out style allows it to create top-grade work that compels action and helps create corporate brands and entertainment.  From inception to completion, Get Bit is effective at developing creative ideas while working across boundaries with strategic business teams to deliver quality content.


Jon Altino is a composer and sound designer that brings new energy to the world of film music.

He excels at bringing a cinematic approach and style to his music, whether composing for orchestral, full-band, or hybrid (orchestral & full-band) ensembles.  Each composition begins with a conscious effort to tug at its heart - whether it's beating fast or slow - ultimately pulling the listener or viewer straight into the material.

He believes the relationship between music and picture is one of the most important - and focuses on bringing exceptional music to stunning visuals.

Aside from his background in music, his thorough background in film production helps him create unique relationships with producers, directors, and editors — as he is effectively able to communicate on different levels of the industry.

He's also trusted by various producers and editors to bring innovative and focus-grabbing music to companies such as NBC Universal, USA Network, Syfy, CNBC, MSNBC, and Bravo, providing music supervision and direction for different shows and ad campaigns.